Issuance Request

type: /credentials/1.0/issuance-request

Request for the issuance of a verifiable credential to a user.

    "schema": "<schema_hash>",
    "data": "<verifiable_credential_content>",
    "expiration": "<expiration_time>"
Field Description Type Required
schema The hash of the JSON schema employed in creating the content of the verifiable credential. string
data JSON reprecendation of credential content JSON
expiration The time until which VC is considered valid UNIX timestamp(int64)
  • Example of credential issuance request:

      "id": "890d5eff-f931-482a-8c31-7540ef7bcffb",
      "thid": "890d5eff-f931-482a-8c31-7540ef7bcffb",
      "typ": "application/iden3comm-plain-json",
      "type": "",
      "body": {
        "data": {
          "birthday": 19960424,
          "documentType": 1
        "expiration": 1660914469,
        "schema": {
          "type": "KYCAgeCredential",
          "url": ""
      "from": "did:polygonid:polygon:mumbai:2qFroxB5kwgCxgVrNGUM6EW3khJgCdHHnKTr3VnTcp",
      "to": "did:polygonid:polygon:mumbai:2qJG6RYgN1u6v7JAYSdfixSwktnZ7hMzd4t21SCdNu"