type: /credentials/1.0/offer

The offer message comprises information regarding the available verifiable credentials (VCs) from an issuer.

    "url": "<issuer_url>",
    "credentials": [
            "id": "<vc_uuid>",
            "description": "<vc_description>"
Field Description Type Required
url Issuer URL for fetch credential string
credentials List of available credentials on issuer for fetch list ID of VC string
credentials.description Additional description of VC string
  • Example of credential offer:

      "id": "36f9e851-d713-4b50-8f8d-8a9382f138ca",
      "thid": "36f9e851-d713-4b50-8f8d-8a9382f138ca",
      "typ": "application/iden3comm-plain-json",
      "type": "",
      "body": {
        "credentials": [
            "description": "KYCAgeCredential",
            "id": "c7b66a79-b930-49d1-9a97-66ab8fd792ac"
        "url": ""
      "to": "did:polygonid:polygon:mumbai:2qJUZDSCFtpR8QvHyBC4eFm6ab9sJo5rqPbcaeyGC4",
      "from": "did:iden3:polygon:mumbai:x3HstHLj2rTp6HHXk2WczYP7w3rpCsRbwCMeaQ2H2"