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Display method


To improve credential usage, a client needs to be able to customize the presentation of credentials in user wallets. A standard must be established that will guide the wallet in displaying credential cards. This will improve the user experience and allow issuers to present their own special presentation for credentials.

Changes in the verifiable credential

In protocol level, the display method is integrated into the W3C verifiable credential:

  "@context": [
  "displayMethod": {
    "id": "ipfs://QmY5ab9FAMEFtdG1VHBXhHANRscUTbDzrG6LC2FWqicc5J",
    "type": "Iden3BasicDisplayMethodV1"

The data model of displayMethod:

Field name Data type Description Required
id string IPFS link or URL to metadata
type string Type of refresh service.

Supported types:

  1. Iden3BasicDisplayMethodV1. Type definition. The type supports the metadata format:

      "title": "KYC Country of Residence",
      "description": "Know you customer verification",
      "issuerName": "PolygonID Issuer",
      "titleTextColor": "#000000",
      "descriptionTextColor": "#000000",
      "issuerTextColor": "#000000",
      "backgroundImageUrl": "ipfs://Qmagkvd9Bz8yXXupWZtBC69RqGfRex72Qou1XjUNvC7fLB",
      "logo": {
        "uri": "ipfs://QmWkSgmHbKRfhndWqHwVgfVpZSrWNiWZMTHb6k5KxY8ySc",
        "alt": "Logo PolygonID issuer"

    Attribute Purpose Data type Required
    title Credential title string
    description Description string < 120 characters
    issuerName Issuer name string
    titleTextColor Text color for title and issueName hex
    descriptionTextColor Text color for description hex
    issuerTextColor Text color for issuer name hex
    backgroundColor Background color hex
    backgroundImageUrl Background image url IPFS or URL (.svg, .png)
    logo.uri Logo URL IPFS or URL 32x32 (.svg, .png)
    logo.alt Logo text string